Photo Friday! 

For eight beautiful days I was back in the USA! Seeing friends and family was so amazing and I felt waves of emotions that I wasn’t totally prepared for. I hugged my parents for such a long time at the airport. Strangely enough I was more unplugged at home than I usually am here in Panama, because I didn’t put any roaming data on my phone. 

I caught up with so many people while being home but I never felt too rushed. I usually had lunch plans with someone and then something scheduled in the evening, which worked out well. It gave me time in the morning and late afternoon to be alone or just relax with people–if I wanted to. I got to get all dolled up to go out swing dancing; and then realized just how much I actually missed dancing. 

I also got a chance to hang out with my grandfather some. He’s pretty sick, with cancer, so I’m glad I got a chance to see and spend time with him. I keep telling him I’m coming home in May for a wedding, so I hope that helps keep his spirits up. 

It surprised me that it was so easy to integrate back into my life in the US. Because of that it was a little hard to come back to Panama-luckily I have one of my best friends in the world here with me right now. It’s definitely made the transition back easier. Stay tuned next Friday for photos of that trip.