Photo Friday! 

Sometimes you skip out on one experience and you gain another. The other week I was supposed to go to chiriqui with my friend Odiris for the day but I wasn’t feeling well. I bailed on her at the last minute (the last minute being 10 pm when she was going to pick me up at midnight) and went back to sleep. I woke up at 7 am to my host sister frantically texting me to go to her house because Cory (the very pregnant dog) was having pains. I throw on clothes and ran to my host families house where I got to see a litter of puppies be born. 

Cory had 6 puppies but unfortunately two were stillborn. Since then one of the puppies (my favorite and the dark one in the picture above so I’m very sad about it) has died. I’ve been going over every day to see the puppies and watch them grow. Seeing them be born was amazing! I’d never seen anything be born before! It also solidified the fact that I could never be a vet.