Photo Friday! 

Hey all! I’m going to start something new (and slightly less musical-sorry!) on the blog. Every Friday I’m going to be uploading a photo or photos to give you a peek into peace corps life, Panama life, and, in more general terms, my life! I take so many photos of my site but I don’t want to overwhelm you in each post so keep an eye out for these each Friday! 

So turns out there’s a cigar factory in my town! I got a little tour of it and it’s a pretty cool place. Of course it has an artisan table of all of the other things that people make by hand in la pintada like sombreros, purses, and terra-cotta wall decor. The whole place smells of tobacco which is a very different smell than that of regular cigarettes. Unfortunately the factor is usuall closed up by 2 so you have to head over early in the day to get a tour!