Photo Friday!

Hey friends!

 Sorry I missed last Friday—hopefully it won’t happen again. Being a blogger is hard work! But I’m not gonna pile the excuses on (lack of internet, lack of planning, life etc.). Instead I’m going to tell you all about Carnaval. If you’ve ever been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans I imagine Carnaval would be a familiar scene for you. The idea behind it is that you get all the partying you need to out of your system before Lent starts—and there’s a lot of partying to get out. I celebrated close to home which was nice and convenient. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my phone for a lot of it because they have “mojaderas” aka giant tanks of water that people stand on top of and shoot water at the crowd. I didn’t really want to test my life proof case.

One of the mojadera trucks

After the actual Carnaval had passed my community celebrated Carnavalito where I was much less cautious with my phone and took a million pictures. I also got roped into dancing Samba in a parade—I’m sure you can find videos on youtube. It was so much fun! Something about being able to really celebrate in my community made it feel a lot more personal (ad it helped that I could go back to my house and relax). Carnaval is such a large cultural event here and people go all out for it. The floats are massive and the reinas are beautiful. It’s an incredible display of culture and creativity that I’m lucky to have experienced.

The crowning of the new queen

When you’re suddenly in a parade

Aftermath of the floats