Photo Friday! 

Today’s photo Friday is an appreciation of all things tipico! I’m talking polleras, sombreros pintao’s, and sometimes even machetes! ​Tipico is the traditional dance in Panama and there are so many variations on it that I don’t know how they keep track.​


We had a feria at my school and groups of students came to dance tipico and present folclórico. My students are the one in the polleras(the dresses) with the rainbow stripes. Polleras are typically worn in Panama to dance tipico and they’re generally made completely by hand!  

The girls all wear timbliques in their hair-the more the better! They also keep their hair in the traditional braids. The boys wear the sombreros and some carry machetes that they use during the dance to represent the cutting of rice and sugarcane. 
Some other schools came to participate as well! All of the dancing was so impressive! Students generally practice folclórico at the school once a week. 


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