Photo Friday! 

Today’s photo Friday tells a story. It’s a story of love and loss. A story of a community coming together to triumph over adversity. It’s the story of this water bottle and set of keys. 

Our story begins on a regular Wednesday evening. I decided to drop by my host families house and chat for a bit. Turns out they were getting ready to head to penonome and I decided to tag along so I could finally buy the set of drawers I’d been meaning to get. Fast forward to later that evening. My host sister Linda and I are on the bus with my set of drawers sprawled across our laps. We get to our stop, shift the drawers out onto the street, pay our fare, and start to head home. At that point I realize I DON’T HAVE MY WATERBOTTLE. Not only that but all of my house keys were attached to it. I knew I left it on the bus and after a quick explanation to Linda I took off running to try to catch the bus at the bus stop. No such luck.

A group of women asked me if I was waiting for a bus and I explained my situation to them. They told me the bus probably wouldn’t be coming back but they walked me to the park and pointed out a house I could go to to try to get a hold of the bus driver. Thanking them, I went there. I explained my situation to the family and they tried to call the bus driver they thought it was (he had a tv on his bus, the letters were blue, no I didn’t get his name) but he didn’t have cell phone service. I asked if they could pass the word along to the bus drivers to leave it at the bus stop so I could go by and pick it up the next day and they agreed. I dragged myself to my host families house to pick up spare keys and the drawers that Linda had kindly taken back with her to allow me to run. My host family fed me dinner and sympathized with my situation. Then my host dad shouted for me to come out front. The family I had talked to had managed to get a hold of the bus driver and he delivered my water bottle to them. They in turn drove down to my host families house to drop it off to me. I couldn’t even begin to properly express my thanks in Spanish I was so happy!! It’s so nice to know that people are looking out for me and are willing to do nice and genuine things to help people out. I’m so lucky to be where I am. 


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