Photo Friday! 

Okay ladies and gents, today’s photo Friday is going to highlight the less than glamorous parts of peace corps service. It can’t all be bailes and mountain views after all! 

Thankfully the water doesn’t go out too often here but when it does it’s a real bummer. I’ve started keeping a full water bottle in my room so I can at least brush my teeth and wash my face if things get dire. 

The power has been going out more and more often so I’ve been trying to make sure my solar lamp and extra phone battery are always charged. I’ll be stocking up on candles when I live alone. 

This happens EVERY TIME I do laundry and it is one of the most frustrating things in the world. I have no clue how or why it happens but I am convinced the laundry gods have a grudge against me.

I know some of my friends on snapchat have already gotten to check out most (all) of these pictures but I hope it gives a little more insight to everybody else. But hey, at least I don’t have to wash my clothes by hand! 


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