Photo Friday! 

Lizards! From big ones to tiny ones Panama has got you covered! Here are a few of the ones I see most frequently (or in the big iguanas case actually never)

This dude likes to hang out outside my house

Pretty sure this is a skink of some sort

These babies are called gargillas and they live in houses and make chirpring noises!

Photo courtesy of my host mom because I have yet to see the iguana

Host bro caught a baby iguana and I got to pet it!

One of the challenges that I’ve had to face in Panama is indifference to animals.  I’ll see dogs in the street that have ribs poking from their sides because they’re so malnourished. My host families dog Beethoven  came home limping because someone threw a rock at him. With reptiles it seems to be the same. My host brother will throw rocks into a tree to try and hit the big iguana. Two teenage boys I don’t even know were throwing mangos into a tree by my house trying to hit an iguana. I’m not sure how to start the discussion about animals here but it is something that presses at the back of my mind. There is so much amazing wildlife here that I would never see outside if a zoo in the US! I have yet to see a sloth but I’m sure my day will come. Until then I’m going to keep brainstorming and trying to understand the cultural differences.


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