Photo Friday! 

Did you know that there are several different types of mangos in the world? I definitely didn’t before I came to Panama. Whenever I’m out pasearing a gift of mangos is pretty much one of the best things I can receive. Here’s a few of the different varieties. 

Mango pinta or “painted mango.” This is the kind you’ll find in your local grocery store in the US. 

I’m still learning to effectively cut them

Mango papaya. While I’m not sure where the name comes from these mangos are enormous and delicious. They never change from their green color so you can tell if they’re ripe by their smell and their feel. If they feel just a tiny bit soft you’re good!

Mango platano-named for their shape and sometimes gigantic size! 

Finally this little guy which I think is called “mango rayada” or “striped mango.” I’m going to have to start thinking of new ways to incorporate mango into my diet considering a tree hangs into my new backyard! 


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