Photo Friday!

So I got a lot of requests for food posts from people so here’s the first one featuring, you guessed it, breakfast!

In times of need Ron Swanson comes to me with words of comfort

Now if you know me you’ll know I’ve never been one for breakfast food but that’s changed a bit in Panama.

Hojaldres (the fried dough looking thing) are basically that. If you put powdered sugar on them you could close your eyes and pretend you were at a carnival about to ride in some metal contraption operated by a teenager.  

Those little yellow discs? That’s what you’ll get if you’re offered a tortilla in Panama. At first I didn’t really like them but they’re definitely growing on me. There are silver-dollar sized ones that I like more than the large ones. 

Last but not least-lemongrass tea! According to one of my counterparts this is usually served at funerals but I get it sometimes for breakfast and it makes my life better. It doesn’t taste like lemons or grass. It does however taste like the leftover milk from Froot Loops-a taste so memorable that it’s stuck in my mind for probably close to 15 years (I’ve never been much for cereal and I’m pretty sure that’s the last time I had it). You can bet there will be a lemongrass plant in my future yard so I can make this stuff daily. 


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