Photo Friday! 

There are many mixed feelings on getting a pet in peace corps. Everyone has an opinion. Some will say it’s the best thing you can do-having a pet really helps with stress relief. Others say it’s too difficult to maintain a pet; especially if you want to take it back to the US with you. Luckily I didn’t have to choose. My pet chose me. ​

This little guy has been hanging out (pun intended) in my room for quite some time now. Sometimes when I come in he tries to leave-cue video here-but recently he just sticks around and let’s me do my thing. My host sister named him “Draco” which appeals to the Harry Potter need that will always live inside me. In my time with him I’ve also learned that bats have really long tongues! If you do nothing else today you should google “bat tongues” and be amazed. I didn’t read up enough to know why he occasionally sticks his tongue out (maybe to smell?) but it’s pretty darn cute and strange. 


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